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Gainvest Legal Corporation is a professional law firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, home of "Robotics Row" and U.S. Steel. Gainvest Legal specifically serves as the legal branch for the Gainvest investment platform. We are happy to support the Gainvestors and operators on the Gainvest platform. We are well-versed in investment management practices in America and abroad. We provide global wealth management services because no matter where you are, we can grow and protect your wealth.  

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We provide global wealth management services to individuals and businesses. Find out everything you need to know about protecting and growing your wealth. The first step is a free consultation to determine your financial goals. 


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We've dealt with many different wealth management situations that can arise, including a multi-million dollar Series A funding, an international investment arbitration, transnational wealth transfer contracts, global estate planning, and foreign investment in U.S. tech startups. 


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