Gainvest Lawyers


Fiduciary Duty and a Code of Ethics

We provide an all-inclusive wealth management experience complete with asset management, accounting, and legal services. Our wealth management attorneys provide the security of the international justice system and our attorneys' fiduciary duty to uphold the client's best interest. We are a professional legal corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with operations in Den Haag, Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan.


Wealth Management and Tech

We are avid researchers and tech junkies. We specifically service individuals, families, emerging growth businesses, investors, and inventors focused on tech such as robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, fintech, and cryptocurrency. No matter the scale of your portfolio, business, invention, or investment, we can deliver results and representation that addresses your needs, protects your interests, and achieves your goals.


Litigation to Protect Your Wealth

We love the courtroom and advocating for our clients in front of a judge, jury, or arbitrator. Whether litigation or negotiation, whether international, multi-jurisdictional, or local, we have an appropriate approach combined with thorough preparation. No matter the venue, we will clearly define your goals and achieve them.

More About Gainvest Legal Corporation


Our Approach

We specialize in making wealth management easy for you. We are dedicated to understanding what financial results you want and helping you understand what legal actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the financial choices you are making so that you feel empowered to make them.

Fighters in Your Corner

Every day, we come to work excited to represent our clients from around the world. Sometimes, our staff remains in the office just to communicate with our clients in many time zones. We are willing to work around the clock to find and deliver financial solutions for our clients. This means that no matter the time of day or night, we're ready and willing to fight to achieve the best solution for you.

Standard of Excellence

We have a personal standard of excellence. We accept nothing less than success for our clients. If there's a financial solution, we will find it and deliver it to you.